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The importance of the bottle washer

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1. Application field

Applications are made up of the following general areas (organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, biology, microbiology, medical, pharmaceutical, food or cosmetic industries). Different applications are also used to determine the type of machine and accessories required, as well as cleaning procedures and cleaning agents. Important influence factors

2. Type, capacity and quantity of the vessel to be cleaned

Laboratory utensils need to be according to different structures (beakers, conical flasks, volumetric flasks, vials, sampling vials, test tubes, pipettes, chromatographic injection vials, headspace vials, etc.), size and capacity (2ml, 10ml, According to the information, we can choose the appropriate laboratory bottle washer to meet your needs.

3. Problems with cleaning of different pollution sources

The bottle washing machine is based on the principle of circulating spray, using the physical action of washing water washing and the chemical action of the emulsification and stripping of the cleaning agent to clean the vessel. It has a significant effect on the cleaning of water-soluble and oil-based pollution source vessels, and some of the pollution source experiments are to be carried out. The cleaning vessel uses the washing water flushing and cleaning agent to have no effect on its emulsification and stripping. It is necessary to pretreat the parts to be cleaned in this part of the experiment (alternative pre-bubble, organic solvent pre-bubble, washing liquid can be selected according to different pollution sources) Pre-bubble, etc.), after treatment, can achieve a good cleaning effect.