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Product parameters

Power: 220v/50HZ

Cleaning chamber material: 316L stainless steel

Housing: 304 brushed stainless steel or spray

Cleaning chamber production: lamination molding

Cleaning chamber volume: ≥ 126L

Cleaning agent channel: 2-4

Cleaning program: 36 standards, multiple customizations

Waterway protection system: standard

RS232 interface module: standard

Heating power: 2KW

Total approved power: 3KW

Steam condenser: standard

Modular basket ICA modular basket design

Electronic safety inlet pipe: standard

Cleaning agent pumping monitoring: electronic detector

Filtration system: multiple

Cleaning times: can be set by yourself

Cleaning maximum temperature: 95 ° C

Temperature sensor: PT1000, accuracy 0.1 °C

Network module: optional

Conductivity rinse monitoring: optional

ITL induction automatic door opening technology

Installation method: on-stage

Number of layers washed: single layer

Dimensions: height * width * depth 680 * 617 * 765mm

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