欢  “洗”  实验室


Applicable to environmental protection systems, health systems, quality inspection systems, food and drug inspection systems, customs systems, public security systems, agricultural systems, forestry systems, power systems, tobacco systems, water companies, universities, research institutes, etc.; Enterprises, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies, petrochemical companies, steel companies, biological products companies, third-party testing companies, etc. use: It can be used for cleaning all kinds of glass, ceramic, metal or plastic materials in the laboratory, and can also clean volumetric flasks, conical flasks, blue cap bottles, reagent bottles, injection vials, chicken hearts bottles, jars, flasks, beakers, Measuring cylinder, colorimetric tube, petri dish, test tube, pipette, tissue tissue culture vessel, separatory funnel, etc.
Product parameters

Power: 220V/50HZ or 380V/50HZ

Cleaning chamber material: 316L stainless steel

Housing: 304 brushed stainless steel or spray

Cleaning chamber production: lamination molding

Cleaning chamber volume: ≥ 308L, can be placed 1-3 layer basket

Cleaning agent channel: 2-4

Cleaning program: 36 standards, multiple customizations

Waterway protection system: standard

RS232 interface module: standard

Circulating pump flow rate: 0-600L/min

Heating power: 3KW/9KW/18KW

Total approved power: 5KW/11KW/20KW

Steam condenser: standard

Modular basket ICA modular basket design

With basket recognition system

Electronic safety inlet pipe: standard

Cleaning agent pumping monitoring: electronic detector

Filtration system: multiple

Cleaning times: can be set by yourself

Cleaning maximum temperature: 95 ° C

Temperature sensor: PT1000, accuracy 0.1 °C

Network module: optional

Conductivity rinse monitoring: optional

ITL induction automatic door opening technology

Efficient HEPA air filtration system with adjustable drying temperature

Installation method: independent

Number of layers washed: three layers

Dimensions: height * width * depth 1385 * 935 * 775mm

Single cleaning capacity: 672 injection bottles

                               126-bit volume bottle

                                Pipette 238


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