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Bottle washer

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Automatic washing machine cleaning process

The advantages of the fully automatic bottle washer are very obvious, which not only brings efficiency and quickness to the user, but also guarantees the personal safety of the user. The fully automatic bottle washing machine brings users an efficient and safe experience. We hope that our products can serve more customers and contribute to your research work. Comprehensive corporate structure, from design to after-sales service, tailor-made solutions for customers, flexibility and high service efficiency. In order to achieve a good washing effect and heat disinfection of the fully automatic washing machine, special detergents should be used. There is a complete range of specially designed alkaline detergents (for the wash stage) and neutralized acid detergents (for the neutralization stage) to ensure efficient cleaning and optimize the efficiency of the final heat disinfection stage. There are also many specialized disinfectants that are used in thermochemical stages for heat-labile instruments and anesthesia tools. Special lubricants and additives are used to extend the life of medical equipment.

When our requirements for the accuracy of experimental data become higher and higher, the cleaning and drying of glassware is very important. The application of the fully automatic bottle washer ensures that the vessel will not be affected by the last use when it is used next time. The automatic bottle washer cleaning not only frees researchers from labor-intensive cleaning work, but also provides efficient cleaning results that can be queried, traceable and repeatable.

The use of fully automatic bottle washers has increased the standardization of laboratory cleaning.


Six times of automatic washing machine:

1. Pre-wash: In-line water (conditional laboratory can be filled with pure water) for cleaning. The main purpose of the automatic bottle washer is to rinse off the residue inside and outside the vessel;

2, the main wash: into the tap water, into the alkaline cleaning agent, the highest can be heated to 95 degrees Celsius cleaning;

3, neutralization and cleaning: enter the tap water, enter the acidic cleaning agent, the general cleaning temperature is 45-80 degrees Celsius;

4, rinsing: enter the tap water, you can choose to heat rinsing;

5, rinsing: into pure water, you can choose to heat rinsing;

6, rinse: pure water rinse, up to 93 degrees Celsius rinse, generally recommended 75 degrees Celsius rinse;

Drying function: automatic washing machine drying method:

The water injector directly injects hot air into the interior of the vessel. This cost is high and the process is complicated. However, the automatic bottle washer has high drying efficiency, short time, adjustable drying temperature, very uniform drying temperature, and can be dried inside the vessel. Dry and other advantages.