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Classification of bottle washing machine

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The bottle washer is a special equipment used for brush cleaning and water washing of glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc., alone or in combination.

Classification of bottle washing machine:

According to different working principles, bottle washers are mainly divided into high-pressure bottle washers and ultrasonic bottle washers.

The high-pressure bottle washer consists of stainless steel water pump, high-pressure nozzle, electrical box, etc. It is sprayed with high-pressure recoil, and the pollutants on the bottle wall can be removed into the water tank and eliminated in time to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The ultrasonic bottle washer can generate ultrasonic waves, and the ultrasonic waves radiate forward and in the cleaning liquid, causing the liquid to flow and generate tens of thousands of tiny bubbles; the impact of these bubbles can cause the pollutants on the bottle wall to fall off quickly. It is removed.

Compared to manual cleaning, the advantages of the bottle washer are:

1. It can reduce the infection that may be caused by the manual cleaning process, reduce the labor intensity and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.

2, can eliminate the work quality management problems in the manual cleaning and disinfection process, to ensure the quality of cleaning, in line with laboratory GMP requirements.

3, the bottle washing machine through a variety of nozzles of the direction of high-pressure high-temperature water flow, continuous washing, the effect is much better than manual or ultrasonic cleaning.

4. It can greatly reduce the high damage rate caused by the manual cleaning process of valuable utensils and reduce the actual expenditure.