欢  “洗”  实验室

Warmly welcome foreign manufacturers to visit our company for technical training.

source: date:2020/08/11 15:50 browse:453

Perfecta brand manufacturers come to our company for technical training


With the continuous improvement and innovation of the company's research and development technology for bottle washing machines, Hangzhou Xiping's series of bottle washing machine products have been continuously upgraded and the business volume has expanded.

Yesterday, foreign manufacturers of Perfecta manufacturers came to our company's bottle washing machine production workshop to visit and inspect, and the company's technical department engineer Huang Gong received the test, and tested the high-temperature and multi-program on the multi-model on the spot. The results have been wonderfully trained and we have made great recognition for our design.

After the exchange, the manufacturers also expressed their pleasure to come to our company for a site visit and thank the company for their warm and thoughtful service. And I have a deep impression on our company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced production equipment technology, together to do the best products and the best quality service, to serve our every One user.